The Story…

O M B® cuts out the gristle to hand-craft a specific blend of ingredients that go into making primed succulent, burgers. We don’t do basic around here.

The posh version of our story is we’re burger AFICIONADOS (af-ish-ya-na-doe bro). The simpler version is that we’ve tried beefburgers from all around the world, and every burger we’ve sunk our teeth into, we’ve smashed up the best bits into every bite. From the presentation, the burger bun itself and most importantly, the powerful flavour and the tender texture of the meat inside every O M B® burger.

We don’t want you to like our food, we want you to love it.

Oh My Goodness…

The O M B® journey doesn’t just stop at good food, it has to be a good customer experience. Though we want to give you a feast for your mouth, we want the O M B® experience to be a feast for the eyes (and ovvy the belly too).

You could just walk in, order and get out. But nooo, we want all you sirs and madams to feel right at home. Allow us to introduce the style as well as the substance. Our outlet design is to trigger a mood of futurism that leaves an ever-lasting impression. Your food maybe ‘to-go’, but we are here to stay.

How we make you feel when you come in is the first thing on our menu. We’re family now, so no pressure. (well, maybe some)

Oh My Feels…

The thing with first impressions is that you can only make one. O M B® makes that first bite count. Understanding what burger-lovers want, we tirelessly refined, researched and tested every possible combination of ingredients to create burgers that will literally make you feel the love.

Feeling the love is a pleasure you can’t measure, but essentially, creating our burger smash-mixture has been a journey of gastronomical proportions, and tireless precision. Both burger and bun need to get along with your tastebuds, so what works has to be perfect.

We’ve spoken to the experts and learnt the best practise about what makes a burger more than just buns and other stuff. Every ingredient has to be accurate, every bite you take is accounted for.

It’s not just about how it tastes, but how it makes you feel.